Notability storyboards

I was doing morning pages in Notability last week. Now I’ll try to review some and see how I can use them. I wrote a breakdown of 18 Minutes chapters.

It starts with a story to introduce a problem. The middle has details explaining how to fix things with some loose research to back it up. It ends with a callback to the story. Then it really ends with a small boxed summary that’s pretty close to what Derek Sivers calls a directive. No metaphor, just direct speak for what you should do.

There once was a guy who rambled and he got hit by a truck because he was rambling and he never got to the point.

Steven Pressfield tells interesting stories with lessons about creativity. 18 Minutes has somewhat less interesting stories with possibly more useful lessons. Either way, it’s a good format. It’s essentially a blog best-of in book form.

I am the rambler. The truck is a metaphor. It’s the ID4 dump truck and it’s driving my readers to better websites. 

Directive: use directives to drive my writing.

I’m thinking I shouldn’t just re-type what I wrote in Notability.