Front page sprint: 20 minutes sketching

I’m starting to think about redesigning the front page of this site. At the end of this project, I’ll have 100 posts. I don’t expect that anyone will try reading all the posts. It’s a pool with green water and I wouldn’t expect anyone to dive into it.

However, if you arrive on this site through a specific post I’d like to make it easy to find similar posts. People might arrive on the front page to find out about this hundred posts in 100 days project. The front page should reflect the project as a whole. It should provide a compelling way to at least look through the titles and get a sense of what I was writing about. Then I can direct people to posts I think are generally most interesting.

Book stacks: A lot of posts are book notes. Hopefully, people read a book notes post and are interested in seeing other books I’ve read and written about. I want to make sure to handle this use case well. One idea I had was grouping related books that I’ve written notes on. One stack could be about Essentialism and Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. That covers de-cluttering physically and mentally to focus deeply on important things.

This idea came from a time that I gifted a set of books to a friend. He was refocusing his career and I sent a few books that I read that I found helpful in the past couple years

Categories: Clearly not a groundbreaking idea. If I did categories, I’d like them to be presented in an interesting way.

Dated archive: There should still be some kind of dated archive to show the order that everything was written in. If I continue creating content beyond 100 posts, this would continue being a useful way to navigate the site.

Timeline: I really like this idea. Especially keeping in line with thinking the first hundred posts being a single collective thing. A timeline could create a good sense of what I was thinking at different times during the project. Even if I continue creating content for this blog, the first hundred can always stand as its own stand-alone project.