Welcome to the micro blog

This should be sort of hidden for right now. This is where the roughest things will go. I’ll put those one-off sketches here. Things like that. Single links and book notes posts.

I wanted to give myself a place to share daily without feeling like I’m spamming people. I have a Twitter account but it’s always been pretty focused on UX things I’m up to.

Shout out to Wally who I’ll give this link to.

These will probably be rough drafts of sections of larger posts that I’ll eventually write. Daily wisdom or something like that. So right now here are a few things to share.

Pause-button mentality — Precision Nutrition
Cool infographics here showing different dials for movement, nutrition, and wellness. Works toward building systems instead of sprinting toward things. It’s important to understand how the daily changes add up over time.

I’ve also started reading The Undoing Project. It’s about Danny Kahneman and Amos Tversky.

Danny was a pessimist. Amos was not merely an optimist; Amos willed himself to be optimistic, because he had decided pessimism was stupid. When you are a pessimist and the bad thing happens, you live it twice, Amos liked to say. Once when you worry about it, and the second time when it happens.

I haven’t read Thinking, Fast and Slow but I’ll get to it this year.