Weekly Walk: The High Line

I took a very long walk two days ago. When I walked out the door I was aiming to be out for 4 hours and it stretched over 6. In my first post this year, I said I’d take more photo walks. Daily seemed unreasonable, but I didn’t think it’d take a full month before doing it. I also know 6-hour walks are unreasonable. It’s a long weekend so I went on another walk.

Today’s walk was shorter. I was aiming for an hour and it was good to see that an hour is plenty of time. (It stretched to a couple hours.) Now I’m thinking of different routes I can take that would be between 1-2 hours.

I started at the less popular end of the High Line around 30th street. It starts narrow then opens up closer to 14th St.

The High Line is where I decided I would move to New York. Four years ago, I had this idea that I’d try and move to New York. I had never been so I tried and finally got an interview so I had a reason to visit.

I met up with a friend that had just moved to New York with his wife and he said we’d get some pizza then go out. He took me to Artichoke Pizza, we got a few of their giant slices, and went up to The High Line to eat them. We sat at one of the tables and someone was playing the cello. I knew this combination of things wasn’t really something every city has to offer. My friend asked about the interview.

The interview went well until after lunch when we sat down and the founder said, “Now let’s talk some code.” (Later that day he said “Good shit today” in an email. I’m guessing that’s not one of the canned responses but still… I kind of knew my fate.)

I told my friend you know what, it might take a little longer but I’m gonna figure out a way to get out here. I still think of that when I walk on The High Line. There are a few other High Line memories that I’ve added since then.

I was really worried when people started touching this guy in his underwear.

From a distance, I was completely sure that he was an actual person. One of those people who stay frozen and are usually painted in silver or gold. I thought this was the next generation. Someone that made themselves look like plastic. Nope. Just a statue.

Then I made it to the other end of The High Line.

This weekend was unusually warm for February. It reminded me of spring and how gorgeous New York is.

I did my first photo walk, took a month off, did another photo walk, took one day off, then did this walk. When will the next one be? A month or a day? Let’s go with my favorite combo answer: it depends… somewhere in between.