In an effort to not jump into tinkering, this is a to-do list of things for this site. I might start adding ideas for upcoming posts to get input on what people want to see. Anyway, here’s a bunch of stuff to start with:

  • Put author name in book notes links
  • Different treatment of photo posts
  • Add front page subheader explaining what’s on the site (sketch)
  • Fix the reset query so page nav works—I’m currently _doing_it_wrong()
  • Link book notes to parent page with all notes
  • Consider weekly or bi-weekly pages of content that I can send out as the newsletter
  • Add newsletter sign up
  • Hide book note posts from the main post lists
  • Migrate content from Jekyll installation
    • Book notes first: some are done already
    • Other posts next
      • Did an import using the RSS feed — this was very fast but need to do some cleanup. Now just seeing how much cleanup there is I can’t believe I was thinking of importing each manually.
  • Migrate content from Design Sprints
    • Book notes first
    • Other posts next
  • Finish heading styling on book note pages
    • It’s currently indented too much after I updated the full page layout
  • Add analytics ID
  • Handle listing Book Notes posts that don’t have multiple posts

I’ll add sketches to these things to plan things out as they get closer.

Post ideas

  • Write about how WordPress has ctrl + shift + f shortcut!
  • Try out transcribing podcasts by using audio-out as a microphone input
  • Some kind of slideshow
  • Some kind of animation
  • Some kind of video
  • More Framer tutorials
  • Some design sprints
  • Re-cap the Body Back October
  • Recap with stats showing my hockey stick growth in readership (Affirmations, baby!)