Body back October

I want to focus on my health in October. It’s just been slipping. Or it’s just becoming thirty. I am not sure. Here’s a list of things to improve on:

  • Sleeping more: Likely the most return on effort. If I can nail my sleep, the rest of this list will be a lot easier. If I do all the others but sleep 4 hours a night, I’ll feel horrible by the end of the month, guaranteed.
  • Workout consistency: I want to work out 3-4 times a week and lately it’s been more like once or twice a week. So I think I need to find a workout I can do every day, knowing I’ll miss a few days each week.
  • Eating less: I eat somewhat clean, but I eat more than is optimal for my goals. Between cleaning up my diet further and just eating less, I think I should focus on eating less right now.
  • Meditating more: I need to just do this. I believe it works. Which might be one of the first steps for it to work. I get less stressed and more focused when I was starting meditation. That also might mean I had less on my plate and felt like I had time to meditate. I’m sure I’m not the first one to say it: maybe I don’t have time not to meditate.
  • Fixing my knee: This is in line with the workout consistency. I need to get my knee checked but the last time I did, my PT suggested a few exercises (clamshells, various leg raises) to do every day. I need to do them.

I’ve read it’s bad to start a bunch of habits at once. A few of these are things that I’ve done consistently for long stretches. I think I’ll be able to make it a productive month. I’ll be sure to keep you updated when the month is over. I’ll even add it to the todos.