100 Days, 100 Posts

Two crappy pages to two (hundred) crappy pages. And 98 other posts in between. I want to have a place hold the 100 posts as I continue adding more to the site. This page has the posts in categories.

Japan Trip

I started the 100 days by posting twice and then getting behind by about 14 days to go on a trip to Japan with my girlfriend. The trip also gave me a good amount to write about.


A lot of the things I wrote were about writing. And about blogging and this project itself. Navel gazing. Still, I think there’s value because it was at least a small step up from recalling the day’s events. And I’ve read and enjoyed plenty of other people writing about writing and blogging about blogging.

I wrote a couple posts as stray notes. The idea here was that I could write one-off notes as I went along.

Friday Links

Heavily inspired, mostly stolen from Tim Ferriss. I wanted a weekly post that was heavily structured so I wouldn’t have to think. Find four links and this would write itself.

A lot of times, these took the longest to write. The links I gathered were usually good to read through again and then I’d go read other stuff from the author and on and on. I guess a better description would be that these were the hardest to focus on.

I also think they’re a great place to start to get a sense of what topics I’m interested in.

Sunday Journal

I was writing about writing a little too much and it was seeping into every post. Toward the end I tried to be more conscious of this and moved these thoughts to journal posts.

I usually wrote about something I heard in a podcast. Major major navel gazing. When I do send out a newsletter, I suspect it’ll be some mix of Friday Links posts and Sunday Journal posts.


When I started, I wanted to deliberately avoid writing about design. Then I wanted to do some design exercises to see how I could improve this blog before sharing it with others. Then I thought it’d be good to share that process and wrote a few posts.

In all that, I remembered I enjoy writing about design. It’s probably because writing about design process means I can create content by sketching or playing in Keynote instead of strictly writing.