Japan Trip 01 of 10: Five quick thoughts

I’m back from my trip to Japan. There’s a lot to process — including literally processing photos. Well, the 2016 sense of “processing”1 meaning toggling things in Lightroom but wishing I just had Instagram filters instead.

Anyway, here are five unsorted thoughts2 about the trip to Japan3.

  • Man, the food. It’s so good. I’d say especially on the lower end. Having good bowls of ramen, udon, and curry around for $6 or $7 was great.

  • I’m realizing I don’t know enough about sushi to say much more than that I enjoyed it there. I’ve enjoyed it in New York and Seattle and plenty of other places and will continue to. I’ve heard and read that sushi is about the rice (aka I’ve watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi like everyone else). But, I mean, it still seems like it’s about the fish.

  • Cash only and no tipping. I like it. Get a debit card that refunds any ATM charges and then withdraw at 7-11s.

  • Convenience stores and vending machines really really are everywhere.

  • A lot of what I liked reminded me to appreciate living in New York. We have nearly the same amount of convenience.

  • Bathrooms are everywhere4. If I’m walking around New York, I know that finding a bathroom won’t always be easy. And any of the common choices (read: Starbucks) will have a line. With all the drinks to try from convenience stores and vending machines, it was always good knowing a restroom was nearby.

  1. But not the 2016 sense of *literally*. Is this how *nonplussed* changed its definition?

  2. Probably inspired by the AV Club Game of Thrones recaps with extra thoughts at the end of longer articles. Except I’m starting with the random thoughts and can’t promise anything well thought out.

  3. Was scrolling through the autocomplete in Webstorm for list-style-type trying to reset to the default dot. Then I saw hiragana. I’ll take it. But then I realized it’d change things globally if I Update it in the CSS file. Then I tried putting \

  4. I’m an aisle seat guy when booking plane tickets.