Sunday Journal: 30 Days, No Tinkering

I won’t edit HTML/CSS until I hit 30 (new) posts in WordPress. How’d I get to this point?

Basically everything I hoped for with WordPress in terms of not tinkering has absolutely not come to light. I tinkered with so much stuff this weekend. I even went back and forth between themes. I went about it pretty poorly. It makes a nice demo to code things live. And is relatively fast. But if I sat down, sketched it out, thought it through, then moved it into code, I would’ve been better off. It’s fine. I think it’s in a good place now for the types of posts I plan to focus on: book notes posts, photo posts, and link posts.

I used WordPress for my blog in high school. Prior to that I tried Greymatter and b2. WordPress has changed a lot in over ten years. What hasn’t changed is my development approach. Change some things. Check it out. Change some other things. See if it works. It didn’t work. Google around for some snippet to try.

You can spend many many hours doing this and I did. I’m going to hit the gym for a mental break, then I’ll try to do these things for a few quick wins:

  • Move more book notes posts over. These are going to be the bulk of what I want to write about. A main motivation for moving over to WordPress is that a lot of times I’m reading and want to write about a passage. But then I think it should be a part of a bigger book notes post that I’ll write after I’m completely finished with the book. Eventually I forget and these things I had a lot of ideas about get lost in the rest of the highlights. I’m betting a collection of 3-5 individual posts as I read will be better than trying to do one long post at the end of reading.
  • Create a to-do page. I’ll write down things to do in the future when I set aside time to tinker.
  • Migrate my 100 Days, 100 Posts page. This will still link to the Jekyll versions of the posts. I’m oddly happy with the collective pile of garbage this is. Because it’s my pile of garbage. This blog will slowly swallow all my other online work as I figure out sensible ways to present them here. The easier part is everything from my Jekyll blog that used to live here. The harder things will be moving my stuff over.