Stray thoughts: 4K Monitor

This week hasn’t been the best as far as my writing goes. This will be the first edition of stray thoughts. I’ll write things that come to mind. There will be minimal editing. This will be the form my cop-out posts will take.

I got a 4K monitor (U28E590D on Amazon) during Prime Day.

  • My laptop can’t drive it at full resolution at 60Hz.

  • Well, it can.

  • Well, it sort of can. The monitor can do picture in picture. Then I plug an HDMI cable in and a DisplayPort cable into my laptop. The laptop thinks two monitors are attached. I thought it’d be okay but it just gets a little funky trying to display things in the center of the screen.

  • I had a mount for my previous monitor. It doesn’t raise high enough for it to make sense to mount.

  • I like Infinite Jest, please roll your eyes somewhere else.

  • The other books are Starting Strength and The Animator’s Survival Kit.

  • I won’t be writing book notes on any of these three books anytime soon.

  • If you look closely at the chart on the monitor you might see I’m getting upwards of 5 viewers.

  • For half a second, I considered whether it’d be worth it since it’s a TN panel. Then I remembered I run f.lux at nearly all times and colors don’t matter much.

  • I’m a heavy f.lux user. I can’t wait for a future Paperwhite to have some kind of amber light. I’ll jump on it.

  • I’m a light blue light blocker user, but I’d like to make it more of a habit to put them on at night.

  • Then I could sleep at a consistent time, and maybe get up and write things that aren’t bulleted lists of random thoughts.

  • I listened to Simon Rich on James Altucher’s podcast (2014). More on this later, I think, because he shares a lot of thoughts about writing.

  • Based on that podcast, I bought a Simon Rich book and a Roald Dahl collection of short stories. More on these later, also.

  • I will go ahead and post this. I’ll fix typos in the morning.

This isn’t quite a one-sentence post for the sake of posting, but it’s close. Thanks for bearing with me.