A sketch a day #2: and a purchase

From what I’ve read about digital art, a common suggestion is to start by learning to draw with paper and pencil. You can get too caught up with digital tools and fixing mistakes on the fly. And trying to refine things without moving on to a new drawing. You can be less thoughtful and all that.

I bought an iPad Pro today. Here’s my first sketch.

I have more thoughts on this. I thought it’d be good to have a hobby that isn’t programming-related. Which I guess writing is, but writing is also mostly sitting at a keyboard and typing. Which, considering the amount of email exchange that takes place in any knowledge work, is what a lot of the work day looks like.

Now I’ll sketch. Which is what the work day probably looks like in some aspiring designers’ heads.

Oh yeah, so here’s all the things that I got. An iPad Pro 9.7″ 128GB silver. An Apple Pencil. A Logitech Smart Case. I actually really like the keyboard so far.

“So far” being pretty early days right now, because I haven’t left the Apple Store yet. As a device for creating content, this seems like a pretty good set up for what I want to be doing.