I’ve got an idea

I’ve been posting something every day from my iPad. Sometimes it’s a few drawings. Sometimes it’s a few photos. Sometimes it’s just a single drawing. From writing 100 posts in 100 days, one big takeaway is that posting just to post sometimes wasn’t worth it. Putting junk out into the world might not be productive.

80 posts in 100 days might have resulted in better posts. Or maybe it wouldn’t. Maybe I would have taken it too easy, skipped a few too many days in a row, then just quit.

After the 100 posts project, I decided that working on something every day was valuable. Flexing your creative muscle is really rewarding. The value of publishing daily was the goal itself. It was a hard goal. I knew if I reached it. I didn’t build a readership so there wasn’t value in that sense. Even if I shared it more widely, the content likely isn’t good enough for it to build a readership. Still, it was good to built that habit of finishing.

I want to continue being creative daily. Sharing a single sketch is likely better through social media than a standalone post on this blog. So I’ve been thinking (as in, this is an idea from today) about how to present collections of sketches and other things I’ve made through the week.

I’ll make a video. It’ll mostly consist of sketches done through the week. I’ll share things I learned that week through books or other resources. It will be part of a weekly post. This weekly post will be a hodgepodge of things. That video. A post explaining some of the process of making the video. Links from the week. Book notes from the week. Meals I ate. Who knows.

That’s what I think it will be. One post each week. I’ll work on it in some capacity every day. The glorious return of my non-glorious personal blog. Here’s a preview.

So, yes, I started it. I’m still keeping with this month’s theme of using my iPad for creating content. I was inspired by watching an episode of Extra Credits on MVPs. I was familiar with it in startup terms but was happy to see the idea reflected in video games. An MVP is stripped down much further than it might first seem.

The MVP for these new weekly videos and posts will start with slides that I’ll narrate. Right now I’m using Procreate for sketching and Keynote for organizing the sketches. Eventually I’ll record something for it. I’m aiming for 40 slides. That should get me to about a minute. That’s my goal for the week. A one minute video. We’ll see how it goes.