Note for Sick in the Head

I wrote a post for Sick in the Head and still want to write more about how the top performers have similarity to the guests in Tools of Titans. In a 1984 interview with Garry Shandoing, Judd says this. 

Judd: This is the comedy interview program that talks serious about comedy.

This describes the book well. I read a few books about comedy last year. One thing was clear: making funny things takes serious work. Also, it’s a craft like others. There are people who grew up in the exact situation where things look like natural talent. For the rest of us, comedy can be learned. 

All the great stand-up comedians did a ton of stand-up. All the great writers did a ton of writing. Some did both.

It’s cool to see different perspectives. Some people think it’s good to turn over your entire act. Others are fine doing old bits knowing most of the audience hasn’t heard it.