Per Se

Compared to Brooklyn Fare: My other 3-star Michelin experience was at Brooklyn Fare. It’s sort of like comparing apples and oranges. But like very expensive apples and oranges you would gift in Japan. I mean, if you couldn’t compare apples and oranges then people wouldn’t have favorite fruits.

I really enjoyed both. Per Se had more traditional fare.

I always wanted to go to French Laundry. I was saving up to go in 2008 when I had an internship at IBM in San Jose. Then I just never went.

That means when I moved to New York, I always wanted to go to Per Se. I just never went. It was nice to get to Per Se. (My girlfriend took me for my birthday—no need for me to save up this time.)

Oysters and Pearls were amazing. Here are some pictures of that and some other dishes:

They close out with dessert. A lot of it.

It’s the best service I’ve had. One of the waitresses described their movement as “the Per Se dance”. The job seems to be some mixture of not being noticed most of the time and looking great when you are noticed.

It’s not stuffy in there at all. It’s great. They seem to understand it’s a special occasion for many people and help to make it feel special.

One of the best meals of my life.