All the books I read: 2016 Q3

Note: I’ll update this with some directives and author names. I’m posting things that need a few changes to push myself to finish posts. Knowing a post is published with a few things to finish will urge me to finish more than having something 80% done in draft state.

Thought it’d be good to follow up on All The Books I’ve Read This Year (written near the end of June 2016). I read 15 books. A few were pretty short, but I’ll go ahead and count them.

Here are the books I finished in July, August, and September 2016.

Flash Boys:
But What if We’re Wrong
Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV
Ego is the Enemy
— You can prototype anything.
Food Rules
Spark Joy
You are a Writer
The 15-minute Writer

I tried reading more fiction (aka nearly all of Simon Rich’s published books). It really is more pleasant reading fiction at night before bed. Reading things that make you laugh turns out to be great for winding down.

Elliott Allagash:
Last Woman on Earth:
Free Range Chickens:
Ant Farm
Spoiled Brats


I haven’t listened to audiobooks quite as much. I have a hard time getting as much out of them. I can get through them, but I don’t know if I’m retaining what I listen to. (I also think this is overestimating how much I retain from what I read in books.) One book that stuck out is Grit. I suspect it’s because I was writing book notes each day as I listened. Actually, whether it’s an audiobook or traditional book, writing notes while reading helps get the most value out of reading.

Bull’s Eye
One More Thing
Daily Rituals
Do you Talk Funny